About Husband and Wife for Life

Husband and Wife for Life is a movement meant to encourage, guide, and inspire couples to overcome obstacles, and to create and sustain healthy, long-lasting relationships.

We are a Christian-based organization. We have developed this movement so dating, engaged, and married couples will challenge themselves to commit to each other in Marriage, just as God will always commit Himself to us.

People like you are joining and spreading this movement quickly. It is inspiring couples to live their best life for God and to give their best life to each other. We are looking for real couples, with real struggles and real love, who live real lives, to Accept our Challenge and Join our Movement!

Start by getting a wristband, then step out and spread our movement to your Friends and Family. Accept our Challenge and have your friends do the same. Get involved in discussion with other couples by connecting with our social sites on Facebook and Twitter. Go outside your inner circle and speak to others, so they will also challenge themselves to fulfill their life-long commitment.

We are on our way to fulfilling a greater mission: spreading the importance of a committed marriage, preparing and preserving marriages worldwide. Help us make a change in someone else’s relationship. Help us make a difference, across the World.


Mark and Laquilla Lane
Husband and Wife for Life Founders



Meet Mark and Laquilla Lane

Mark and Laquilla have been married for 16 years and have two beautiful daughters and a son. Together, they share a passion for creative arts, music, family, and helping people. In 2010, Mark and Laquilla founded Husband and Wife for Life, out of a strong conviction from God, to help marriages. When God gave them the vision on how to start using their passion to fulfill a greater mission, they hesitantly accepted with a fear of failure. But, even through their fear, God still used the smallest piece of faith they had and led them through a series of events, both good times and hard times. These events each taught them how to overcome obstacles and gain confidence. It also taught them how to humble their hearts, become transparent and to never speak as if their lives were perfect. They both are so grateful to God for each trial and each lesson learned. It is what has built them to where they are now.

Today, the mission has spread through 13 countries. And, through God’s grace, has connected with an incredible following of over 1.7 million couples.

One of their goals is to simply make being “Husband and Wife FOR LIFE” an exciting, modern and most importantly achievable journey. The movement proves to bring fun, motivation, and hope to marriages and to those desiring to be married.

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