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The Husband and Wife for Life Movement has taken on a great need from couples around the world. With over 600,000 couples who are following the movement, our hearts swell at the amount of counseling requests we receive weekly. To answer this overwhelming request, Husband and Wife for Life will be building a Counselor Network based on the values and foundation that we believe marriages should receive. We will be looking for faith-based counselors, certified coaches or church organizations with marriage programs that teach based on marriage biblical principles and values. Is this you? With the greatest need now for saving marriages, we encourage you to become a part of our growing community. We also ask that you share our efforts of building the counseling network with other counselors you know. Thank you and we appreciate your passion in helping marriage thrive!

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If you are a certified coach, please fax proof of certification to 855-937-4935. If you are a professional counselor, please fill in your license type and number below. If you are a church or non-profit organization, please fill in your tax-exempt number below.

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If you charge for services, Husband and Wife for Life strongly recommends counselors who are members of our counseling network to give a discount for the first session of Pre-Marital or regular marriage counseling.

Would you be willing to give a 25% off discount your first session of Pre-Marital or regular counseling exclusive for Husband and Wife for Life members?
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If you offer free services, would you be willing to accept Husband and Wife for Life members into your facility for at least the first and second sessions of counseling?
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If you offer an ongoing marriage program in your church or organization, please tell us the name of the program, dates (i.e. every third Saturday, etc.), times and address where it is held. Please note: *If you are offering a special event, that can be submitted under our Events tab.*

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By typing in your name and date, and clicking the SUBMIT button below you are confirming that all the information given above is correct and that you are authorized to use it for Husband and Wife for Life, LLC’s counselor referral network. You are also agreeing to be a part of Husband and Wife for Life,LLC’s referral network list of counselors. If at any time you wish to opt out of our network, you may email us at mbrown@husbandandwifeforlife.com or call us at 855-937-4935 and we will remove you from our listing.

*Please be informed that any services, advice, teachings or counseling you give to a Husband and Wife for Life follower are solely the responsibility of your company or organization.

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Why do you recommend a discount on first sessions? We firmly believe that a lot of HWFL couples don’t seek counseling for their marriage because of a financial strain or lack of knowledge on where to find a counselor. We did our own research and survey on our followers to see how many were seeking counsel for their relationship. 62% said NO, 7% said YES, and 31% said they would if they could afford it. Our goal is to help our followers afford and find the counseling that they need. This is also our way to encourage them to come into your doors.

Why are you looking for faith-based counseling methods? Our founders grew up with a strong Christian faith. Experiences in life have taught them that having a relationship with God and have a great prayer life are elements that are important not only for marriage, but for life in general. They are also aware that there are a number of marriages that do not attend a church or may not have confirmed their religious beliefs. By referring our followers to faith-based counselors/coaches/churches, we believe they will be able to capture our entire audience (church and non-church goers) and still be able to instill the faith principles that we stand strong on.

Why do you offer Free Submission to our Referral Network? Our substitute for advertising costs will be your agreement to offer our followers a first-time discount on their counseling session. If you provide free services, it will be to give our followers a first and second visit based on your availability.

Why do we do what we do? We believe in following your purpose an passion in life. Our founders calling is to give hope, help and encouragement to marriages across the world. It is their deep passion to help people the best way they can.

Our Mission? “To encourage, inspire, and guide couples to overcome obstacles, and to create and sustain healthy long-lasting relationships.”