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His Greatness

Dominique Nealond

    Have you ever wondered what it is like to have the ultimate power of influence? You know the kind of influence that changes the atmosphere when a person walks in the room or that draws the very best out of people with a simple glance?  I have often thought of how it would feel to impact drastic change in hearts and outcomes of people’s lives. Then the Holy Spirit showed me that I absolutely possess this atmosphere altering dominance…and so do you! It just so happens it is with the most important person in your life; YOUR SPOUSE!

So, what do we do with it? It is for so much more than getting our husbands to wash the dishes or paint the room that has needed a touch-up for two years or unclog the sink.  Its application can help him to become everything that God created him to be.

It seems that now in our culture, there is a fight against the idea that a woman was made for a man. We strive to prove our independence in many facets of life and women are (rightfully) fighting for the many of the same benefits (equal pay, opportunities, etc.) as men. I believe that God created us equal–no doubt. But in order to embrace the fullness of my femininity, I have to accept the power of my influence and the importance of being a supportive wife. There are several ways to reinforce the greatness in your husband, a few things that work great for me are praying, remembering to be his friend, and then being my best.  

When we pray, we let God know not only that we care about our spouses, but that we trust His plan for them.  The best way to pray is “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” God has countless thoughts towards us and our loved ones.Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 7.39.13 PM So I like to pray that God would put us in position to make all of his thoughts towards us come to pass.

Also, when we pray, we can unload some of the stress that comes with being a great and supportive wife.  Prayer allows us to draw close to God and get filled and refilled on what we need to be what our families need.  Plus if there is an offense towards my hubby, I can talk to God about it and find out if I am in the wrong (which I am, more than I care to admit). It’s much better than arguing with him about it.

After prayer, a top priority in our home is friendship.  We laugh together, pray together, eat together, and sleep together.  It is the basis of our relationship, so when we need to attack a situation together, the foundation is already there. I do things with him that I never had interest in prior to meeting him. Like shooting our guns or watching a basketball game (without complaining).

Continuing to build our friendship also helps so that when I have constructive criticism, he knows I’m coming from a place of love and not judgment. Friendship with our spouses breaks down the barriers of obligation and we do the things that are needed out of delight and love for each other.  It causes a light atmosphere in our home that allows him to open up to me and share his hopes, dreams, and fears.  Then, I know what to take to God in prayer and what to get an action plan about.

Lastly, (through God) I am my best. That means, I spend quality time with the Lord to get what I need for myself. When I am the best me, our brains can fire together and we can make really good things happen. Whether it is coming up with a plan for a business venture or a simple tag team effort to feed and bathe Carver.  

Sug can then see the strengths that I bring to the table and allow me to play the role that will bring the best out of him and the challenges we encounter.  Through the basis of prayer and our friendship, he respects the qualities that God put in me to help him and doesn’t feel like I am nagging.  This gives me the best opportunity to help him and please God.

We know God is pleased when we are supportive in our marriages through a simple scripture that most (church) women have read many times:

Her husband is well known at the city gates, where he sits with the other civic leaders  Proverbs 31:23 NLT

Most of the scriptures in Proverbs 31 detail the actions of this noble woman and how she carries herself.  But the exception is verse 23. The key is though her husband holds the position; the honor is ascribed to her.  That’s right ladies…she gets the credit for his accomplishments!  Not that I am after credit, but it is great to be recognized every now and then for your efforts.

So not to say that your entire life is revolved around your husband’s hopes and dreams; but, it is to say that in accomplishing all that God has for you to do, helping hubby be successful in Christ is a major part of that. It is rewarding in our relationships with Christ and our hubbies.

So now that you know about that awesomeness inside you to influence, what do you plan to do with it?


Dominique Nealond

Dominique Nealond
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