Author : Laquilla Lane

10 Ways to Successfully Communicate with your Spouse:

#1 Whatever the situation, always choose your words and your actions with love.

#2 Recognize that your spouses needs are more important than your wants. If your spouse needs it, your marriage needs it too.

#3 Replace your pride with humility.

#4 Bring your voice down. Screaming and yelling will only create more tension and frustration.

#5 Be open to seeing the situation from your spouses perspective.

#6 If you are having a hard time talking about it….don’t avoid it. Grab a pen and paper, and write out your thoughts. Give it to your spouse and pick a time to talk later.

 #7 Remember that your spouse is always more important than the situation.

#8 Always keep your lines of communication open by remaining approachable and being a great listener.

#9 Words can take seconds to say and sometimes years to heal. Choose them wisely.

#10 Remember that you are both different. That’s what makes you unique. Sometimes you will not think alike or agree with each other. And, it’s okay.

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