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Author : Laquilla Lane
Celebrating 14 Years!

Even through our ups and downs……..LOVE has always won.


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“After we started dating, we talked often about the seriousness of being married. After we were engaged, we both agreed that we were in it for the long-haul. We knew we were meant for each other and that we wanted to grow old together.  Exactly one year after we met…..we were married.”



Husband and Wife for Life is one of the highlights of our life and marriage! We enjoy and are encouraged by watching marriages grow and be blessed! When we are not helping marriages, Mark works hard as a talented entertainment specialist and recruiter, and Laquilla is a stay-at-home/homeschooling mother of two girls. Our daily routine consists of quick texts back and forth during the day and quiet talks at night. With our busy schedules, we look forward to our time alone together….even if it is only for 10min.

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After our first girl was born, we suffered a stillborn baby girl during our 36th week of pregnancy. But, God has always been good to us and blessed us again with another gorgeous girl! One has a flare for fashion and other one has a love for shoes. But, it is their love for music that keeps us dancing as much as we can together as a family! It is the connecting link that runs through all of us.



When we are not laughing with the girls, we are laughing with, or at, each other. We make laughing just as important as the romance in our marriage. The more we laugh……

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………the more we realize how much we love each other.

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And, although we love each other VERY much…….

Lane 14th Anniversary-Final Gallery-0010

when it comes to football season……we’re rivals!

Mark is from the east and Laquilla is from the south, so it gets pretty loud in our house on game day! We make it fun and get our girls in on the excitement. One daughter is a Cowboys fan and the other is a Giants fan.

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We are lovers of family, life and helping people! We pull our motivation and inspiration from each other, God and the Husband and Wife for Life community of couples from all around the world. God is the center and foundation of our marriage and after our ups and many downs, we’ve learned to put our trust totally in Him.

We are so grateful to be celebrating 14 years of marriage with an incredible community of couples! And, we appreciate each and every one of you that has been placed in our life!

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Love, Mark and Laquilla Lane

Husband and Wife for Life Founders


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Author : Laquilla Lane

10 Ways to Successfully Communicate with your Spouse:

#1 Whatever the situation, always choose your words and your actions with love.

#2 Recognize that your spouses needs are more important than your wants. If your spouse needs it, your marriage needs it too.

#3 Replace your pride with humility.

#4 Bring your voice down. Screaming and yelling will only create more tension and frustration.

#5 Be open to seeing the situation from your spouses perspective.

#6 If you are having a hard time talking about it….don’t avoid it. Grab a pen and paper, and write out your thoughts. Give it to your spouse and pick a time to talk later.

 #7 Remember that your spouse is always more important than the situation.

#8 Always keep your lines of communication open by remaining approachable and being a great listener.

#9 Words can take seconds to say and sometimes years to heal. Choose them wisely.

#10 Remember that you are both different. That’s what makes you unique. Sometimes you will not think alike or agree with each other. And, it’s okay.